Valeria Moura

Valéria was born in Recife, Brazil. She received her artistic education in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where she got a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Faculty of Arts and Science of the Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) in 1981. She then did some stained glass and mosaic work besides designing and building houses and gardens for her family. Gardening awoke her admiration for vegetables, fruits and flowers. She only painted occasionally then. Starting in mid-2014 she began to paint full time. She was awarded Full Membership of the Society of Floral Painters (United Kingdom) in 2015.

Valéria works in acrylics. She makes drawings based on her photographs of flowers, plants, fruits, wildlife, land and marinescapes. She selects details from photographs taken at different angles, light shades and instants to come up with the composition.

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