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Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Northern Lights Love

Mixed media on canvas
Stretched, unframed
91.5 x 117cm
Shipping included

*Exclusive to Tyrrell Art Gallery*


Kasia Muzyka

Kasia Muzyka is a Polish-American artist creating intuitive, abstract artwork. After growing up in Poland, Kasia lived in London, United Kingdom before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she currently resides. Traveling is a vital part of Kasia’s life, and her travels have profoundly impacted the acrylic paintings she creates today. Instead of taking photos from each place she visits, Kasia collects water from around the world to use in her paintings. Believing that water holds memory, Kasia begins her creative process by pouring water onto canvas to create a starting point in which she can begin her work. Kasia’s artwork aims to take the viewer beyond the ordinary in an individual transformative experience. Her influence includes mysticism and in-depth exploration of human nature, while also including elements of transcendental philosophy and modern-day alchemy. Kasia considers her work to be an expression of femininity, through which she creates a space for others to connect with their feminine side. Since childhood, Kasia has explored an intrinsic urge to create. Moving through dance, singing, and music schools with countless hours of practice she started to feel a sense of lost expression that called to her to be transformed into visual art. Kasia’s energy to paint came later in her life, almost from a different language within her. She felt like this expression was imprisoned in her for many years, waiting for a catalyst to set it free. Her first art works evoked such emotion that only then she began to understand the true artistic expression within. Now, Kasia is a painter and creator of the Call2LoveArt movement - a clothing line of wearable art for women around the world. Kasia’s work is available to see in virtual art exhibitions at M.A.D.S Digital Gallery. Artist Statement: Art for me is about abstracting yourself on the canvas. Through this abstraction the artist and the viewer can connect with the parts of themselves that he/she did not know exist. Thus, the artist and the viewer are both given a chance to get to know themselves outside of their set beliefs. Through my art, I am able to connect to the deepest part of who I am. This connection goes beyond what we think we know about ourselves. My art is an invitation to the world of fantasy and imagination, but also the illusion of how we think the world is. In reality, our perceptions create our experiences. I believe that we live with filters through which we perceive our reality. When you look at my art you will perceive a certain interpretation of your own reality. This perception answers the call to that which exists at the core of your being, and therefore is in connection with everything else that exists. I am fascinated by the energetic statement of the moment, especially in those rare experiences of grace which I translate and develop on the canvas. I believe that energy never lies. I can sense the energy coming to me via the intuitive impression of the world. By channelling and imprinting this energy on a canvas, I experience the truth of the moment, which allows me to make the energy tangible for the viewer. This “felt reality” is evident in all my artwork and the way I create. Prior to creating a work of art, I feel an energetic impulse and a calling to create. Once I enter a space of receiving that allows me to connect with this calling on a deeper level, I can become the vessel in which I create my work. I pour water from different parts of the world to begin each painting, starting with a circle, which takes on a symbolic representation of wholeness. Believing that water holds memory, the circle of water becomes the starting point for each piece, creating a space in which my paintings can come to life. Using acrylic paints with mixed media, I channel the elements - fire, air, earth, and water to bring my ideas to fruition. I consider this process to be ritualistic, with each element playing a vital role in the creation of my artwork.
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