Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Untitled #2

Acrylic on canvas
Stretched, unframed
160 x 60cm
Shipping included

*Exclusive to Tyrrell Art Gallery*


Thierry Zdzieblo

Thierry Zdzieblo is a contemporary abstract artist from Bordeaux, France. As a sports fan, Thierry began a high-level career, specialising in the ultra-marathon (long distance running). In 1995, with a thirst for challenge and adventure, he made a solo crossing of a part of Western Sahara (Morocco and Algeria). This event would make a lasting impression on him, as the test soon became an introspective and artistic quest. When he returned to France, he started creating through wood carving, but quickly changed to create figurative paintings. His entourage encouraged him to find his voice through abstraction. Self-taught, Thierry works acrylics with a knife. This technique allows him to work through touches and re-touches. His works evoke a particular musicality. The artist seeks to capture all of his emotions on canvas thanks to the primacy of rhythm and harmony of colours. Much as in his marathons, Thierry paints a canvas with the same fighting spirit and the same personal research. His painting is held within the movement of lyrical abstraction (pure and free expression). Thierry invents a melody that gives free rein to individual interpretation. Aside from reality, he offers a colourful imaginary world that the viewer can populate with their own visions and feelings. Thierry’s works are full of movement, passion and colour. They are embracing and intoxicating, with a stimulating vitality. Ignoring references to realism, Thierry builds implosive and explosive works of enthusiasm. The rhythm of colour imposes his own reason, leaving the expressive freedom to govern the composition. There is no other prerogative than that of harmony. Thierry is an artist apart in the contemporary cultural landscape. He manages to absolve himself of any influence, to allow his intimate and visceral impulses to speak, releasing positive and disturbing sensations.
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