Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Cecille Took The Long Route Home

Oil on canvas
Stretched, unframed
100 x 100cm


Victoria Horkan

Victoria Horkan’s work offers a bold, vibrant and expressive milieu of forms and colours that falls somewhere between the realms of impressionism, abstraction and expressionism. She conveys and engages with scale and perspective, making large what is typically small but her central focus is on colour, and movement. As a child she recalls experiencing the somewhat exhilarating sense when for instance an aeroplane would appear too close to the ground. Seeing sculptures that would appear overpowering in their scale, this would both offer to excite and cause an indescribable sense of oppression that to date she seeks to explore. Pure, bright colours that are set in contrasts of light and dark, combined with loose, distinct brushstrokes that resonate strongly with the impressionist movement. This buoyant mark marking is the sign of an assured and mature artist and the manner in which they are applied creates a sense of fluidity giving the work an energetic, flickering quality that is particularly evident in her Butterfly work. Horkan is indeed fascinated by the idea of interpreting motion and used to sit in the dance studios at Bretton Hall College in order to try and capture the dancers’ movements as they performed. It is this she has established as a key focal point for her work and this is what sets her apart from her contemporaries. Horkan is aware of what a powerful stimulus colour can be and recognises its capacity to affect mood and to generate particular emotions. She focuses on the viewer and the impact and emotion that can bring to the fore, in much the same way that music may move the listener. Kandinsky was the first artist to seriously explore the connections between music and art, believing musical and visual expression could be used to mutually illuminate and intensify each other. She is not looking to translate a particular narrative or to provide work that is radically conceptual. Rather she seeks to leave the viewer with a lasting impression, to bring them to a place of joy even on the darkest of moments and her colourful paintings radiate an energy that is truly uplifting and invigorating. She is sometimes taken into the realms of pure abstract painting and this is where Horkan herself experiences the joy of artistic epiphany. Giving her the freedom to explore her impressionistic style and application of colour, she finds herself totally free to express the vision that comes from within. Having already exhibited in London, Leeds, Belfast and Edinburgh and with clients in America, Italy, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Victoria Horkan is definitely a name to watch.
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