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Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Color Me Fancy

Mixed Media and ink on cradled claybord
76.2 x 76.2 x 5.08cm
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*Exclusive to Tyrrell Art Gallery*


Estelle Chojnicki

Chojnicki grew up in the tranquility of rural central New York. Her art is an outlet to express the spirit that lies within, reflecting the memories of her travels from the peaceful countryside of New York, the lights of Paris to the wild surf of the Pacific Ocean. Working in large-scale canvas, allows her to grab the viewer’s attention and bring them into her mind and soul. Permitting the viewer to be drawn in, thus giving them the experience of new sensations through her use of color and movement. Her paintings captivate the eye, keeping them transfixed on the canvas. Empowering the art to become the outlet of her energetic nature and imagination, moving them from one colorful area to another in harmony. Chojnicki has been published in New England Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, The Boston Times and Home & Gardens UK. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the American University of Paris and a BFA from SUNY Oswego. She is currently residing in Florida. Artist statement: My paintings are created through an experimental release of my own spontaneous energy that comes from within. I use acrylics, water and ink to creatively provide a visual playground of freedom. My art is a symphony of energetic creative expression for the eye. An illusion built of color and movement that provide a union of sensations to create a moment on canvas that is rich in feeling for the viewer. Providing emotions that are the result of remaining open to my mind and being, allowing the paint to evoke the mood and feel of its true essence and spontaneity for the viewer to enjoy.
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