Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Der Wind

Acrylic on canvas
Stretched, unframed
100 x 50 x 3.5cm

Shipping cost £40 to UK


Louisa Corr

Louisa Corr was born in 1988 in North West Germany, and later moved to a very different life in Doha, Qatar before gaining a Bachelor arts degree at Leeds University in 2010. Louisa's genuine passion for painting has steadily grown together with her desire to explore the differences in cultures, people and ways of living; she has also lived and worked in the cities of Vancouver and Banff in Canada. Currently, Louisa is based in North London but she also spends time in Cambridgeshire and is constantly exploring new ideas and creative possibilities. All of these rich and diverse experiences have had a profound effect on the artwork she now produces. Flowers have been a recurring subject in Louisa's paintings and she takes great pleasure in skilfully incorporating natural forms in her work; she strives to capture a sense of stillness, tranquillity and calm in each piece. Her recent series of rosehip paintings are unique in compositional terms and represent a fusion of realism with minimalist elements. Each painting is carefully designed to focus the viewers' attention on key compositional devices, resulting in very striking and almost surreal imagery. Direct observation from nature is often combined with an imaginative and personal interpretations. Louisa's recent paintings are completed with professional quality acrylic paints and mediums and she employs a range of representational and abstract techniques.
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