Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Etruscan Vase

Oil on canvas
Stretched, unframed
90 x 100cm
Shipping included


Alexander Lozovoy

Alexander Lozovoy, born in 1949, is an independent artist living in Moscow. Lozovoy is currently the only living Russian artist who was taught directly by Russian Avant-garde artists. His teacher was Barbara Bubnova (1886 - 1983), who worked and participated in exhibitions together with V. Kandinsky, K. Malevich, P. Filonov, A. Rodchenko and others. His father Nikolai Lozovoy (1901 - 1992) was taught by Filonov and Malevich in the 1920s. In his paintings, Lozovoy uses techniques and secrets from the old Russian icon school. His canvases are made with different types of paints that do not mix, which makes his paintings exceptionally bright. This technique allows his paintings to preserve their colours, because chemical elements of the pigments do not interact with each other. His work has been exhibited in Russia and many other countries, and his paintings are featured in prestigious collections worldwide. His works are also exhibited in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), the State Russian Museum (St -Petersburg), and Zimmerli Art Museum in New Jersey (USA). Lozovoy's paintings have been sold at MacDougall’s Auction in London, Sotheby's and in Auction in Stockholm.
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