Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall



Oil on canvas
100 x 100cm
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Ella Prakash

Born in Bahrain | Lives and works in Bahrain Bahrain-based Indian artist Ella Prakash founder of Ella Art Gallery / Ella Impressions fashion accessories & Ella Jewellery the creative designer and an acclaimed artist for feminine figurative modern contemporary art, she showcases positively the liberal art through process of a highly opinionated artist, she strongly believes in charity her art pieces had been auctioned in London for the charity, through her Art she helps and supports the needful. She is best known for her inventive techniques and vibrant use of colors. She started her art career in 1984. with a lifelong fascination with painting, art for her has been a way to express her perception, dreams, and aspirations of women. She always visually manages to incorporate all the elements of this topic and create an impact insincere positivity. Ella focuses closely on the medium of painting, which seems almost like a liberation, opening up the potential to give the issue of form and background, space, areas and lines a new level of concentrated dynamism. She works in a very limited palette of colors. She changes the palette depending on a series of work. Lately, she has been working on a series of seamless cubic patterns with underlying various perspectives of the elements within transparent layers to capture her distinctive personality. With her current abstract series “A Change – Transformation” she challenges herself to unlearn the pattern of control she seeks in representation; thus, reinventing the language of anatomy, chiaroscuro, and storytelling. Her paintings are distinctive for technique, she expresses her work through palette knife using vibrant colors, the end result is a direct and spontaneous gesture on canvas that, in turn, is based on insight gained in previous work and which gives these paintings their inescapable explosiveness. No doubt, that her expression and passion for painting inspire viewers to see, feel, and enjoy in their unique ways. Ella being a celebrated artist across the globe, she has been mentioned in numerous National and International press such as Blouin Art info, Asian Voice UK, Asian World news UK, Asian Lite International UK, West London Living, Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine, The New Age Asian magazine UK, Gulf daily news, Gulf weekly, Deccan Chronicle and Delhi Millennium post. She has exhibited in art fairs solo shows and has been part of various group shows, her work is exhibited internationally in London, New York, Miami, Hamburg, India, Singapore and UAE.
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