Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall



Wall Unit
Mixed media, acrylic paint, hand engraving, acrylglas, LED
163 x 184 x 6 cm
Multi-layered frame
Artwork UV protected and LED warranty 10,000 hours
(LED life expectancy is between 40,000/50,000 hours)


Claudia Meyer

Claudia Meyer is a Swiss Artist and visual Art creator who expresses her creativity through two distinct and converging visual Art fields, one being Contemporary Fine Art and the other being “Industrial” Art inspired by new realism. “The Light of Being” Being born and growing up in the Swiss town of Luzern, surrounded by lakes and mountains located in a beautiful rural area. And then moving to cities like Munich, New York, Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, is key to apprehending Claudia Meyer’s work, influences and mind set. It allows us to glimpse and wonder at her creations with the same perspective and depth she masters when creating them. Early on, family members remember a young five year old Claudia modelling and creating flowers out of candle wax or helping her father draw and cutting cardboard models in his architect office. So, after studying graphic design in Luzern, Claudia Meyer naturally left Switzerland to Germany where she fine-tuned here skills and developed her already growing and strengthening path to visual creativity. She then moved to New York and learned silk printing and computer graphics. It was then, at the early stage of this technological revolution that Meyer developed what would become the basis of her rich and broad ability to look and conceive Art in three dimensions but also include technologies and modern materials into her Art. This resulted and contributed to a stronger a clearer picture of where the future would bring her. Which is creating mixed media Art carrying a sense of energy and complexity but also a sense of depth bridging nature, lights, shadows and colours. An Art where conceptual or abstract lines of energy can magically co-exist with the spirals and the colours of nature. Where lights, or hand-carved lines and material reflections are reminding us of abstract sunsets or glaring beam of light. Everything about Claudia Meyer Art tells us where she comes from and where she has been. Her Art gives birth to a remarkable and unique visual experience that is telling us a story. Yet, she is always reinventing herself and so is the story, depending of the time of the day, be it day or night. Her art is continuously metamorphosing and mingling with lights, literally and abstractly. No surprise then, to find out she was born in a city named Luzern, and lives part-time in Paris, which names etymology literally mean light. Artist statement: “Nature, light and human-made materials are my unlimited sources of inspiration. More than often I deliberately proceed to redefine and re-establish harmonious and innovative dialogue between them. I extract, suggest and eventually emphasize underlying strength or feel, and re-associate and re-embed them through a revisited, abstract and new open-minded three-dimensional approach. Transversality becomes my tool to redefining invisible boundaries and mingling of energy and flows. More than often, I am laying the ground for a subliminal uplifting dialog connecting to energy and to being in the moment. I like my work to be a source for inspiration, reflection and to be a visual and sensorial experience through colours, transparencies, lights, textures, materials and shapes. I do not intend to shock, provoke or being negative. On the contrary.” Claudia Meyer
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