Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


SeaCoast no 3

Mixed media on canvas
Framed white wood
30 x 30cm


Rachael Bennett

British artist Rachael Bennett was born in Hampshire in 1956. She attended art school in Winchester and Liverpool before setting up a textile design business in London, selling for the interior market world wide. She contributed to the teaching programmes in several universities during the next 20 years alongside her design practice in London and later in Devon. Rachael then took the decision to focus solely on her personal art making and has become an established artist, producing evocative, powerful descriptions of the natural world. Rachael has representation with 4 galleries in the South West and takes part in group and solo exhibitions and events regularly. This year she will be having a solo show at Birdwood House in Totnes and then taking part in Devon Open Studios in September. Artist statement: I am interested in the liminal spaces within landscape created by natural transitions; those uncertain, indeterminate spaces caught between one world and another. My work is descriptive of form, light and place in an atmospheric way. I want the viewer to experience, for example, that psychological state of mind created at the moment between wakefulness and dreaming, that threshold moment where alchemy happens and limitless contemplation is possible. I look at landscapes, seascapes and the ever changing weather. The intimate landscape beneath my feet is just as engrossing as the grander view, and the interplay between the two, the near and the far, just as stimulating. With my painting, relationship between materials used and image created is everything to me. One is responsible for the other, it is symbiotic. The resultant conversation is where the true dialogue can happen. This is the entry point, the place where the liminal experience is possible – this is the essence of my work.
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