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Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


The Circle of Happiness 1

Painting on silky canvas with hand embroidery
Diameter 100cm


John Martono

John Martono | Indonesia Martono’s swirling abstracts with a mix of painting and hand embroidery on silk, certainly brings a new and different perspective within Indonesia’s contemporary fine arts. The combination of textile science, embroidery, and painting on silk that requires a special technique, became John’s trademark for self-expression. Known mostly as a textile designer, and with his years of experience as a textile lecturer, as well as an MA in Design from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), it is amazing to see how John’s brilliant mind is able to concoct and combine all these elements together to create beautiful artworks. Artist statement: “The Journey of Happiness” is a realization of a process that after all this time conceptualizing and working in fine arts and on itself brings its own happiness. Throughout the various situations that accompany this creative process, this is what I call happiness. Situations in the form of individual feelings become stimuli for work that is born with an intensity of process from time to time. A situation that exists outside of my experience can become a source of inspiration, and one of my methods is that I have to distance myself from all these events, in order to achieve perspective. In essence, thinking about appearance in an imaginative context is the search for knowledge on a broad horizon. Please enjoy my artworks and may they bring you happiness.
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