Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall



Mixed media on canvas
Stretched, unframed
45 x 35cm

*Exclusive to Tyrrell Art Gallery*


Andrea Ehret

Andrea Ehret originally from Slovakia is based in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a very successful contemporary abstract artist, and exhibits in America and widely throughout Europe, and was awarded one of the winners of The Global Art Awards Tokyo 2021, in the Abstract Art Category. Andrea Ehret’s artwork is concentrated on abstract expressive oil and mixed media painting. Her approach is strongly connected to her vision of life, she chooses art as a tool for possible self-transformation. She believes art has the ability to heal and awaken. Her creative method is an intuitive process and balancing act where she loses and finds herself. Her paintings are strongly inspired by Eastern philosophy and can be viewed as an expression of inner meditation, a reflection of her own inner world, embracing her own Light and Shadow via balancing tones, flow like brush strokes, a feeling of harmony and powerful energy. ´Structures are layered with my own internal charges, depicting longing, anger, frustration, softness, wanting, and more. My paintings are my world, my dreams and visions… my circles. I hope when one looks at my paintings they do not see circles, compositions, colours, they see life, their story… something that will stay with them for a while. I invite my viewers for the spiritual voyage, here is this longing for dream-like experience, where everything is possible and perfect harmony exists. Maybe it is this world and maybe some other.´ Ehret has held 19 solo shows, throughout Europe and in the USA. Her artworks are part of private collections all around the world including; Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, India, Australia, Russia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, and America. ´Andrea Ehret and her paintings are magic. She throws herself out there and you find her inner visions, ethereal dreamscapes like a true raw uncut gem‘, Mirela Zukal, art curator, Prague, Czech Republic.
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