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Une Chenaie Alet les Bains

Acrylic on canvas
Stretched, unframed
90 x 60cm

A protecting oak grove above and beyond which hangs the pure blue and featureless canopy of the summer sky. The oaks are tall above the valley of a dry river, an un-flowing bed of brown fallen leaves. After years of visits and study, after an exceptionally heavy rain, the river did flow! Brown as the leaves it carried it danced. And I stood in a place where motion had long been exiled beneath a mosaic of leaves and marvelled again at a new river.


John Slavin

Artist Statement: The fire of light and the breath of air, the depths of land and the dance of trees make landscape a fantastic reality through which life can wander or surge with the freedom of a dreamer. I sit and draw the nature that has come to be manifest in an aesthetic display far removed from chaos or system or motive. My pencil contains my box of paints as my heart and eye contain a love for the mountain. Member: Society of Scottish Artists and Aberdeen Artists Society.
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