Dark room

Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


Veil One

Acrylic on canvas
110 x 110cm


Alex Caird

Alex Caird lives and paints in Cambridge, England. As well as painting he played bass in a band called Boa which was successful in Japan with the song Duvet in the 1990’s. The song was used on an award winning Anime called Lain which is still popular around the world. “In these series of abstract paintings I have attempted to point to the pristine nature of the mind, unclouded by narrative or subject. The paintings are cascades of light, never settling on form... invoking immanent remembrances which direct our attention to the ever-new, the ever-present. The colours are veils as well as intelligences that reflect as mirrors our mind - together they jostle and play to us... asking what is here? ... What is now...what is? The idea is to keep the mind on the edge, never allowing it to peak and so fall into anti-climax... All is new. Behind the veils of colour, the clear light, beyond time and space, awaits within us all... It is the heart of our true nature; that which is was and shall always be. It arises in awareness when we realise - We are That, ‘That’ being all which appears separate from us, i.e. conceptual space and the forms that appear to arise within it. I also enjoy painting seascapes. There is something intoxicating about the ocean. The constant play of sea and land and the forms it creates are always inspiring to me.”
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