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Entrance hall

Green Wall


Living room

Red Wall


World of Creation

Acrylic and pastels on canvas
61 x 122cm


Kanwal Zafar

Kanwal Zafar is an artist from Islamabad, Pakistan. Kanwal’s current work is a continuation of the research that she began in 2017, which involves understanding the secrets of the universe in terms of energy, frequency and vibration in visual forms. She is now taking this to the next level by exploring how this concept threads into everyday life, and at the heart of understanding the physical world around us. Her expressionistic paintings have been shortlisted for the National Award, Finalist of International Awards, Winner of International Art Prizes, and Curated for Art Fairs & Artist Residencies in various countries. Kanwal exhibits extensively around the world, mostly in Europe, and her artworks have been greatly appreciated by notable Art Galleries & Art Dealers on social media, and appear in online publications and printed magazines. Her originals are sold and held in personal collections in the USA, Portugal, Canada, France, Poland, Ireland, UAE, India, Singapore, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey & Pakistan. Artist statement: I am an Abstract Expressionist. My work is at times dramatic, at times serene, but always in sweeping motion because I focus on provoking a fierce eruption of emotions. Although I have received a Master’s degree in art, and know the rules of painting, I would rather follow my own heart as a compass to guide me through the process, with time and practise my paintings have developed seriousness and acute sense of colour with action filled brush strokes. My major concern is a mix of spirituality and quantum curiosity, and this is an interesting concoction that has led me towards this style of work, where I started exploring how colours and creativity can be used in self-healing. As a child I found myself lost in the depths of heavens. Since then, I was sure that we do not belong to this world, our spiritual existence is much stronger than the physical existence. As a result, I developed a completely different understanding about everything. I got answers to questions that could never be understood through mind. My passion for reflecting spirituality in art grew fonder after my deeply meditative research in different parts of Turkey, particularly in Konya in 2017. Therefore, my post research paintings tell a new story; they speak of my findings about existence, represent self-exploration and a deeper sense of place.
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