Kasia Muzyka


  • What is your background?

    I was born in Lublin, Poland amidst an intense political climate. While I was immersed in a grey and gloomy environment, I found a world of color through creativity. Due to the unsettling nature of this time, I retreated to a space where I could connect with my imagination. I was part of an organization that focused on performing arts and allowed me to express myself through dance, singing, and music. I was fortunate enough to belong to this institution as it was a healthy escape for me. While I enjoyed being a stage performer, over time I began to explore visual arts. I found inner guidance through my intuition and a deeper connection to my spirituality. Art became a vehicle for me in which I could fully express my inner world, and a vessel to convey the truth beyond our reality.

  • What inspires you and what is your creative process?

    I find inspiration in the themes of life that we all experience. My art is a way for me to explore the deeper meaning of existence, and to bridge the gap between the human and divine nature. When painting, I allow myself to be guided by intuition and I approach my work without any preconceived notions. This enables me to paint freely, allowing deeper messages to come through onto the canvas.

    Connecting with the energy of the space before painting is vital to my process. Believing that water holds memory, I collect holy water from around the world to use in my paintings. I begin each painting by pouring water onto canvas to create a starting point - a circle from which I can begin my work. I then intuitively select colors to bring my vision to life. I am always surprised by the images that develop and the work that is birthed through this meditative, alchemical process.

  • What is your favourite subject matter and why?

    In my work, I focus on exploring human nature, growth, creativity, and laws that govern all that exists. Each collection of work I create is centered around a different theme of life. These themes are a part of everyone’s experience here on earth. Through these paintings, I carve out space for myself to slow down and reflect on the deeper meaning of life, while also providing the viewer with a moment to contemplate the complexities of human nature and our existence. I explore our inherent connection to nature and the disconnection that happens during our day-to-day life. My goal is to bring the viewer back to that place of inner alchemy and balance the invisible and visible worlds. I aim to shed light on what seems to be forgotten, and to become aware of the separation that we create between the heart and the mind.

  • Who are your biggest influences?

    Over the past 20 years I have been deeply influenced by the study of mysticism, yoga, old shamanic traditions (like Miguel Ruiz and Toltec tradition), and various topics delivered by the most prominent figures in spirituality, such as Joe Dispenza, Kim Wilber and Alan Watts to mention some. It was through this inner exploration that I was able to connect with my deeper guidance within, which in turn unlocked the door to my creativity.

  • How have you stayed inspired and energized during the pandemic?

    While the pandemic was an extremely unsettling time for many, it was also a catalyst to reset humanity. It forced us to stop our routine practices and look within to reflect deeply on our lives here on earth. It prompted important questions, such as “am I fulfilling my potential?” and “Is this life the life I want to have?”

    Through this time, I immersed myself in nature and meditation to deepen the connection with myself. I began to paint more, and my creativity flowed. One of the first paintings I created during this time, Call 2 Love, is reflective of this innate state of turning inward and letting go of superficial identities that we became used to. Another painting, Unmask Your Soul, reminds us to release our protective layers and connect truly with who we are and what we want.

  • What is/are your favourite medium(s)?

    My favorite mediums are acrylics, ink, and mixed media. I also enjoy experimenting with new mediums and integrating natural materials into my work. I primarily work with acrylic paint as it allows me to move fluidly and flow through the creative process.

  • How long does it take to complete a piece, and what is the entire process?

    As I work intuitively, the time it takes to complete a piece varies. There are paintings that pour out of me and happen instantaneously, while other paintings are a labor of love. It sometimes feels like being pregnant with creative energy that is ready to burst and needs tender care. The process of creating the work itself feels like giving birth to a new being.

  • Do you like working on different pieces at the same time?

    Some pieces take longer and I might just need to wait for the right energy in order to finish them. However, I mostly concentrate on one piece at the time, as I need to be connected with the energy of the particular painting. It is a very personal experience like having a deep conversation with a very close friend. I can always tell when a painting feels complete, or if it needs to go on the backburner and return with a fresh perspective. The paintings transform and grow as we do, and sometimes we need to grow into the work to finish it.

  • What other artists have been inspirational to you in your work?

    There are many artists who inspire my work, even though my paintings are quite different from theirs. I have always been deeply fascinated by the surrealist art movement, especially the work of Salvador Dalí and Wojciech Siudmak. I find that I am influenced by the philosophies and approaches of many artists including Kandinsky, who authored Concerning the Spiritual in Art. I have always been inspired by the impressionist movement, and how Turner opened the door to an innovative use of light and color.

  • What do you hope people feel when they view your art?

    My artwork aims to take the viewer beyond the ordinary in an individual transformative experience. My influences include mysticism and in-depth exploration of human nature, while also including elements of transcendental philosophy and modern-day alchemy. I consider my work to be an expression of femininity, through which I create a space for others to connect with their feminine side - that place beyond language. I would love to see people opening to who they truly are, to what they truly love. I see a very different way of people working together towards something that is more collective but influenced and flavoured by individuality. I imagine that the big questions about who we are, where we come from and where we are going that humanity has asked for millennia will not have to be asked anymore. I see that the experience of fully owning one’s truth will make such questions redundant as the meaning of life gets fully apprehended. Because what we really search for in our hearts is this connection, that’s our call2love.

    My art is not to be understood but to be felt. I choose to believe that by sharing my art I allow for this shift to happen. When people experience my art or wear it, the message of Love is there. This Love has the power to open us up to the truth as I have experienced it myself. I see people connected and creating life that they truly love for themselves and, as a reflection, for others. I envision us, the global society, remembering our heart’s call where the value is not in individual success anymore but the success of humanity as a whole. I believe that we are moving towards an extraordinary time and that those ready to make the leap into the heart will inherit these huge blessings.

  • In addition to being an artist, you are also the designer behind Call 2 Love clothing. How did this project come to be?

    Through daily meditation, a vision came to me of my work walking across a stage. Seeing my paintings come alive in this vision inspired me to explore the idea of printing on fabric. Within a few months, my clothing line, Call 2 Love, was born. My intention is for people who wear my clothing to connect with the energetic expression of each painting. I hope to inspire others to go beyond the boundaries of day-to-day life and connect with their heart. Upon entering the gate of the heart it’s then possible to claim the unique gifts that we carry, to bring forth and share with the world. Only then can we truly align ourselves with the energy of love and become all that we were meant to be.


Projects & Collaborations



    2022 – (November 30th – December 4th) – Miami Expo Spectrum, Miami, USA


    Solo Exhibitions

    2022 – Gal Art Gallery, Call2LoveMinneapolis, MN

    2022 – Dove Gallery, Deepest Explorations of Life, Online Art Platform

    Group Exhibitions

    2022 – Gal Art Gallery, Make Art Not War, Minneapolis, MN

    2022 – Arts to Hearts Virtual Gallery, Home, Online Art Platform

    2021 – M.A.D.S. Digital Gallery, Hysterica, Milan, Italy and Fuerteventura, Spain

    2021 – M.A.D.S. Digital Gallery, Sacrifice, Milan, Italy and Fuerteventura, Spain


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