Rosario d’Espinay Saint-Luc


  • What is your background?

    From 1995 to 1998, I attended the workshop of the Spanish painter Miguel Gayo in Quito, Ecuador where I studied painting the human body.

  • What inspires you and what is your creative process?

    The universe and the five elements are the source of my inspiration. In 2001, I decided to leave Ecuador to live in Provence, in the South of France. My work is strongly influenced by the diversity of the lights in this region and over the years have become increasingly radiant...

    “In making a voyage into the void, toward my own abysses, in search of my roots, of the slumbering child in me, I finally come back to universality, to the All. From the land of my ancestors to the molten magmas, from the depths of the ocean to the light of the stars, from neural connections to the alchemy of colours, this path from the infinitely large to the infinitely small allowed me to discover my essence.”

  • What is your favourite subject matter and why?

    I am committed to the preservation of our planet; my abstract art explores the impact of the elements and vital energy in the course of our lives within our biosphere. I’m constantly creating work during my travels inspired through nature around the world.

    I have developed some series in my artwork: Universe, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether… "The search for light, rhythms and intensity are the foundations of my art. "

  • Who are your biggest influences?

    I am inspired by an array of artists who have had a profound effect on art history. Zao Wou-Ki’s works of art profoundly moved me. I was overwhelmed by this great master. His pictorial vision and emotional sensitivity have influenced my own vision.

  • What is/are your favourite medium(s)?

    In my abstract paintings I use a mixture of acrylic techniques, as well as volcanic sands on canvas.

  • How long does it take to complete a piece, and what is the entire process? Do you like working on different pieces at the same time?

    To complete a piece? It depends, I have some paintings that have taken me between one to eight years; I may leave them for some time and study them and slowly the piece grows and evolves. Sometimes when I step back and reflect on a painting for a long period of time, it brings a new perspective and enables me to complete the piece.

    For some other works it can be less time, I used to say that for me the most important moment in my creation is in the very beginning.

  • What subjects do you pursue and why?

    My abstract works form a link between myself and Mother Nature, my major inspiration. I am surrounded by nature and my work is a tribute to Her with a commitment to the preservation of the planet.

  • What other artists have been inspirational to you in your work?

    I love art and the most important thing for me is to observe all kinds of artwork, and to visit museums, galleries…

    Kandinsky’s book ‘The Spiritual in Art’ is my most prized possession, and has been the most influential book on my work.

  • What do you hope people feel when they view your art?

    I hope that my pictorial work can be reimagined by the viewer, in their own way, with their own personal perception and sensitivity. Art is subjective and abstraction gives us the possibility, more strongly, in the expression, the creation and in the observation of a work by the spectator.
    And I hope that my art can also raise awareness about the preservation of the planet and pass on this belief to the observer.


Projects & Collaborations


    2022 – Member of the Artists Association “Taylor Foundation” and “Project Art Forest”.

    2021 – Since December I am represented by Tyrrell Art Gallery.

    Despite the pandemic, I was able to complete a few artistic projects. Exhibitions in various galleries international fairs, international interviews, and last October I exhibited at the 13th Biennale in Florence.

    I also obtained a sponsorship to represent the French brand, Master Toiles, creators of high-end frames and canvases. This representation will give me the opportunity to travel and exhibit worldwide.


    August 2023 (5th – 27th)  Rosario d’Espinay Saint-Luc exhibiting at la Salle des Gardes du Château des Templiers de Gréoux-les-Bains. Wednesday to Sunday 4 – 7pm



    Group Exhibitions

    February 2023 (14th – 18th), Salon Comparaisons au Grand Palais à Paris, France

    February 2023 (21st February – 3rd March) – Suite exposition à la Galerie Parisienne “Les Arcades des Arts” Paris, France

    April 2023 – Group Exhibition « Hommage à Monet » à « La Halle aux Poissons”, Le Havre, France


    2022 – (9th – 17th July) – Rosario d’ Espinay Saint-Luc Exhibition “Eléments, Libre Présence “- La Voûte des Arts à Pierrevert, 5 rue Aillaud, Pierrevert, France

    February 15th – 20th – the prestigious Salon Comparaisons with Latin American Group, Grand Palais Paris, France.

    February 15th – 20th – Salon des Indépendants, Grand Palais Paris, France.

    February 17th – 20th – Art KARLSHURE/International Messe, Germany

    May – Sm’art Art Fair, France

    May – International Art Exhibition Bologna, Italy

    November – International Art Exhibition Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2021 – XIII Florence Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

    2021 – SM’ART TIA, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2021 – Galeria Gaudi, Festiarte, Marbella, Spain

    2020 – Art Monaco, Galeria Gaudi, Monaco

    2020 – Art Capital, Salon Comparaisons, American Latin Group, Grand Palais, Paris, France

    2020 – Art Capital, Salon des Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris, France

    2019 – Exposition Internationale, The Illusion of Reality, Bologna, Italy

    2018 – Bienalle Internationale Lliut Art, Gandía, Spain

    2018 – TIA International Art Exhibition, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2018 – SM’ART TIA, Aix en Provence, France

    2017 – TIA exhibition, Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy

    2017 – TIA International Art Exhibition Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2017 – Verlinde Gallery, Vannes, France

    2017 – SM’ART TIA, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2017 – Let it Grow Exhibition, Le 18 Bis Gallery, Paris, France

    2016 – TIA International art Exhibition, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2016 – Art Nordic, Copenhagun, Denmark

    2015 – Didier Morteveille Gallery, Vienna, Austria

    2015 – Art Capitale, Salon des Indépendants, Grand Palais, Paris, France

    2014 – Didier Morteveille Gallery, Vienna, Austria

    2014 – SM’ART TIA, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2014 – TIA Exhibition, Synchronies, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2013 – Auditorio, San Valentino, Vico del Gargano, Italy

    2013 – Didier Morteveille Gallery, Vienna, Austria

    2013 – Kenny Gallery, Galway, Ireland

    2013 – TIA International Art Exhibition, Pasajes, Ateneo de Madrid, Spain

    2012 – SM’ART, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2012 – International Art Exhibition, Liberated Dreams, Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy

    2012 – Kunstmesse Schloss Laxemburg bei Wien, Didier Morteveille, Vienna, Austria

    2012 – Didier Morteveille Gallery, Vienna, Austria

    2012 – Galeria De Marchi, Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy

    2011 – VIII Florence Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

    2008 – Les Amis des Arts Gallery, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2004 – Fondation Carzou, Salon des Artistes, Manosque, France

    2003 – Fondation Carzou, Salon des Artistes, Manosque, France

    2002 – Fondation Carzou, Salon des Artistes, Manosque, France

    2000 – Arts Américas Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

    Solo Exhibitions

    2021 – La Voûte, Pierrevert, France

    2019 – Exposition Espace Culturel Casteau Roussillon-France

    2018 – SM’ART, Aix-en-Provence, France

    2017 – Algorythme Exhibition, Paris, France

    2015 – Passère Gallery, Forcalquier, France

    2010 – Appel d’Art Gallery, Manosque, France

    2009 – Chapelle Hôtel Relais et Château, Le Couvent des Minimes Mane, France

    2009 – Eglise Haute, Banon, France

    2009 – Espace Culturel, Gap, France

    2007 – Château des Templiers, Gréoux les Bains, France

    2007 – Château d’Oraison, Oraison, France

    2006 – Espace Ecureuil, Fondation Caisse d’Épargne, Marseille, France

    2005 – Fondation Carzou, Manosque, France

    2004 – Storm Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

    2002 – Art-Présent Gallery, Paris, France

    2002 – Appel d’Art Gallery, Manosque, France

    2001 – Posada de Las Artes Kingmann Gallery, Quito, Ecuador



    2021 – Referenced on Artprice, the world leader of art market information

    2019 – Award of Excellence, Exposition Internationale, The Illusion of Reality, Bologna, Italy

    2015 – Toile d’Or 2015, Salon des Indépendants, Paris, France

    2012 – Premio Ercole d’Este, International Exhibition, Liberated Dream, Ferrara, Italy

    2004 – 1er Prix du Jury, 2eme Prix du Public, 3eme Prix du Jeune Public, Salon des Artistes, Fondation Carzou, Manosque, France

    2003 – 3eme Prix du Jury, Salon des Artistes, Fondation Carzou, Manosque, France

    2002 – Coup de Cœur du Jury, Salon des Artistes, Fondation Carzou, Manosque, France


    1995-1998 – Workshops in anatomical painting and drawing in the studio of the Spanish painter, Miguel Gayo, in Quito, Ecuador.


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